SAP Business One Partner

SAP Business One Partner
SAP Business One Partner

SAP Business One Partner

SAP Business One is a cost-effective, easy-to-implement all-in-one solution that has been specially developed for medium-sized companies. It helps companies grow, operate profitably and automate business processes.

The corporate solution combines all core functions and supports, among other things, the areas of administration, financial accounting, bank processing, sales, purchasing, customer relationship management, inventory control, production, internal accounting and reporting.

Managers and employees can process information more effectively and thus make well-founded business decisions. Division heads and managers have access to the right data precisely

SAP Business One Partner Features

With SAP Business One solution you always stay up to date and automatically receive all new functions via a valid maintenance contract. If your company is a subsidiary, customer or supplier of a global company, you can also benifit from the preconfigured integration. .


The SAP Business One provides a comprehensive set of tools to assist manage and streamline your financial operations efficiently and easily. Also offers crystal reports, financial analytics,

and tools to support you, simplify the financial analysis and reporting requirements of your business and ability to take quick actions.You can also manage cash flow, track budgets, and compare actuals versus plans to see where your business stands at a moments notice.By integrating your financial operation in real time with other business processes, such as purchasing and sales, you can speed transactions and improve visibility into cash flow.

Stock Control

SAP Business One Inventory management enables users to accurately manage inbound and outbound shipments, Warehouse management, item master information, Item price as well as

managing price lists, including period and volume discounts, and special prices.SAP Business One Inventory management works with batch and serial numbersand can manage Inventory transactions, including goods receipts, goods issues, inventory transfers, initial item quantity settings, and inventory counts, & works with pick and pack process.

Warehouse Management

SAP Business One Warehouse managementcan handle inventories in multiple warehouses and locations using FIFO, moving average, serial or batch, or standard costing;

perform available-to-promise checks. Maintain multiple units of measure and item prices in local and foreign currencies, manage inventory by bin location in warehouses and generate comprehensive item list, transaction, and stock valuation reports.


SAP Business One CRM sales cycle management functions keep tracking every sales opportunity across the customer lifecycle. Comprehensive, industry-specific

client management solution with built-in sales automation, marketing automation, customer support, help desk and channel management capabilities.


SAP Business One enables you to manage the entire purchasing process from purchase quotations, purchase orders through processing A/P invoices. Furthermore,

you can create various reports to analyze purchasing information such as purchase volume analysis, pricing information, vendor liabilities aging, and so on.


SAP Business One provides all the tools to help intelligently do your entire sales process and customer lifecycle. From Quotations > Orders >Pick list >Delivery> Invoices.

SAP Business One offers all the required functions to easily manage the whole order-to-payment process.

Project Management

SAP Business One Partner Project Management module can be used for managing your projects from start to finish, centralizing all project related transactions, documents, resources,

and activities in one place. The feature helps you monitor the progress of tasks, stages and subprojects, analyze budget costs, and generate reports on various aspects of the project, such as stage analysis, open issues, and resources.


The SAP Business One Partner provides service management to help company service departments tomanage the post sales service operations, maintain service contract management, service planning, tracking of customer interaction, activities, and customer support.


SAP Business One offers extensive integrated reporting tools for the creation of business, accounting, warehouse, pervasive analyticsand financial reports,

account statements, and creation of customized reports. Moreover, reports can be exported to a variety of different formats including Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Word® and PDFExcel.


SAP Business One Partner offers a simple yet powerful planning system that helps production planners or buyers schedule and manage items for

production or purchasing based on a variety of criteria. Material Requirement Planning (MRP) functionality in SAP Business Onecan maintain an optimum production plan for multilevel production processes. This support replaces informal, ad-hoc production scheduling with a structured process using data from various sources to create an accurate picture of your production and supply chain.

SAP Business One Benifits

Complete and Integrated

All essential business functions from accounting and sales to purchasing and inventoryAvailable “out of the box” Gain complete visibility and control on your business process

Time to Value

Intuitive and easy for your employees to adopt and use. Implement in a short time period. Embedded implementation tools based on the proven Accelerated Implementation Program

Simple and Affordable

Quick to set up and optimize, easy to use andget the latest technology priced for small and growing business.

Sales increase

A quick and easy access to current information helps you to identify new sales opportunities, to bring new products to the market quickly and to provide high quality service and support.

Cut Costs Say

Goodbye to expensive, costly upgrades and recurring system adjustments to keep your system up to date.

Better customer relationships

To maintain your customer relationships, the system offers you the opportunity to track your sales campaigns via opportunities, create campaigns and store activities; You can manage your support services via the service module

SAP Business one that grows with your company

Why choose a solution that will soon no longer be enough for your company? Performance problems, outdated data, limited possibilities for data storage and restrictions regarding the number of users and locations working in parallel are a thing of the past.

Greater efficiency

The central storage of data ensures a significant increase in efficiency: All users have access to the same information that they need for their daily work. This avoids duplicate and therefore unnecessary data storage.

Fast commissioning

Proven implementation methods and numerous tools ensure simple implementation: You can use the system in your company with in a few weeks.

More clarity - immediately

Use dashboards for your day-to-day business that provide you with an overview of key company figures. Easily integrated with applications from other software providers. With this open architecture, you can take full advantage of the SAP solution.

SAP Business One Partner

Packaging Industry Add-On Solution

We introduce the packaging industries solution for SAP Business One. Simplily installing the ad-on on an existing system will get full feature for the packing industry.