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About the Product


Your business is UNIQUE!
You need a customized UNIQUE solution.

No matter what your industry, we've got you covered from field service management to customer management, to dispatch, invoicing, capturing payment and real time tracking

Custom Design

We keep your business identity safe, by using your logo, colour, and workflow in the design to make it intuitive.

ERP Integration

Every transaction, whether in the field or in the office, flows right into your ERP. No more double-entry, No more accounting mistakes.

Solution as a Service

Our simplified subscription service empowers businesses with a comprehensive support team, taking the worry and stress out of management

Cloud Based

Our unique, multi-instance architecture ensures fully customized cloud services and perform upgrades on your own schedule.

Data Security

We manage data access by company or domain to assure that only appropriate information, processes, and options are available to users.

Offline Capability

No need to worry about network for the portability. The app works on offline, making field service activities uniterrupted on the device.

Field Service App shall be used by the Employees for their field work and can post their daily activities' report in real-time.

  • Real time job notification
  • Route optimization
  • Status update of assigned jobs
  • Easy service report creation
  • Attendance capture
  • On-the-spot invoicing
  • Offline capability

Customer App is used by the Customers to register their complaints about the product and give feedback about the company & employee service. They will get all the notifications about their registered complaint(s) in their mobile.

  • Easy complaint booking
  • Tracking of complaints
  • On-time notifications
  • Edit profile
  • Customer feedback

Field Service Admin App is used by the company for the management of their employees including their attendances and also for managing the customers and complaints.

  • Dashboard
  • Resource tracking
  • Customer management
  • Job management
  • Export attendance data

Logical Skills

Angular JS90%
Node JS80%
Mongo DB95%
Google Cloud Platform85%

Technology Skills

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